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Subject: Relationship


Further to my earlier request of restoration of faith and protection from darkness, I request healing and restoration for the emotional sanctity and bond of relationship that was disseminated and dismissed in a reading from a clairvoyant who told me many truths but I feel stole the true essence of what would otherwise of been blessed by god.

Please pray for forgiveness for my choice to visit the psychic and to redeem the force of her words from her spirit guide over my life and to restore the balance of harmony within this precious bond in Jesus name.

Subject: Health and tough time


Dear Pastor,my life have never been easy.I had to fight since I was born: My father rejected me as I'm not a male,my mother didn't want to be a single mother so in the end I was like the ugly duckie.Then growing I've started to be a swan, people loved me as I'm a caring person,since 2012 that I've started to be ill and the situation got worsen till now.Every day it's like living in a terrific bad dream,in pain,I've lost everyone I loved,I'm left alone,I have no family,and I've never complained in the past 5 years,being strong and carrying on. Please pray for me to heal and have love for once

Subject: Finding a job after tough time


For the last 7 months I have been struggling from losing my job , my fiance being shot, and losing my grandfather. It has truly been a tough time. All prayer will be more than appreciated.

Subject: University


Dear reader,

Please pray for me to get accepted to a Master's degree program in Europe so that I can use my intelligence and motivation towards helping people (as Jesus did) through academic medicinal research. Please also pray for my best friend and love of my life, Dean, so that he can be safe and healthy and successful in his life. We have supported each other through many good and bad times long-distance ever since we met. Please pray for us to have a chance at finally being together when and if God wills it. Thank you all very much.

Subject: Son's mental illness


My son has schizoeffective disorder with depression. He refuses treatment and self medicates. Last year he attacked me, was arrested, and a no contact order was placed. He is in jail for the second time for coming to my house. He begs to come home but I am afraid of him as he still is not on any medications and is still self medicating. He will lose his SSI and food allowance. His father wants me to drop the order and allow him back in to my house. His father has had to take care of him since last year. We haven't been together since my son was 2. Prayers for our situation please. I'm lost.

Subject: Prayer for eye


I just had cataract surgery on Wednesday. As of today I still cannot see far away - they said I am suppose to, but not so far.. Please pray I can see better soon. Thank you

Subject: unforgiveness


please pray for my unforgiving heart,I have come a long way but when I remember certain things i get angry, Maybe I don't understand what forgivness is, Help me to understand and yet not lean on my understanding.

Bless you and thank you for your teaching and Prayers.



Please may i request your prayers in finding my husband. i have been through so much in relationships,used and abandoned,i do not feel i can trust anymore. i am so lonely and i do not want to sin and its so hard being celibate.i work in a bank and currently started my masters to keep me busy but i am no longer interested,i also need direction from God to know if i should start making plans to relocate. Thank you and bless you

Subject: Miracle


Please pray for Lynne Oliver, diagnosed with asbestosis and has been given a short time to live. I believe in miracles and request all those who believe in the Almighty God to pray in union for her healing.



Please could I request your prayers for employment. I have been out of work for nearly one and a half years, after being made redundant from a job I loved, at a University in London.

I have made a number of job applications since but so far, to no avail.

Thank you all. Praise be to God,


Subject: Health


Please pray for my health to become better, and for me to find the strength inside of me.

Subject: Business to succeed


I am sending out this prayer request out to all who care for others. That my health would be under our mighty Lords protection. And my faith be strengthened in such a way my business would be for the glory of God to help people with the grieving of people who have lost loved ones be healed. Praise be to God