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Please could I request your prayers for employment. I have been out of work for nearly one and a half years, after being made redundant from a job I loved, at a University in London.

I have made a number of job applications since but so far, to no avail.

Thank you all. Praise be to God,


Subject: Health


Please pray for my health to become better, and for me to find the strength inside of me.

Subject: Business to succeed


I am sending out this prayer request out to all who care for others. That my health would be under our mighty Lords protection. And my faith be strengthened in such a way my business would be for the glory of God to help people with the grieving of people who have lost loved ones be healed. Praise be to God

Subject: Health


Problems with duodenal ulcers. Pain and complications. Need some prayers! Thank you all.

Subject: Healing. Extreme weakness from i


Extreme weakness from lack of sleep. Just affected my heart. Feel extreme tiredness. Get up many times at night to pee. Wake up early many times and do not go back to sleep. Rambling let problem left leg. Doctors see nothing wrong and send me home. I am desperate for healing and sleep. Thanks.

Subject: Please pray to overcome


Please pray for:

Poland - freedom from "religion" to relationship with God through Jesus Christ,

Church in the USA

Stirring up the ministry we're engaged in - for me, my wife Dorothy, our daughter Ann, our sons Peter and Dan

Subject: Hope Life Strenth Purpose


Strength Hope Life ,Hard to go on, God Encounters and to stop hurting myself God depression lifted, hope,, peace at my house..purpose...I know God can help with all things..feel His love and presence

Subject: mouth cancer - cured


Hi, last Aug I asked you to pray with me for healing of a tumour in my mouth next to my wisdom tooth. Well God excelled himself as usual. I went to hospital and had a CT and MRI scans. Was offered surgery. When We were in the consultants room and arranging an appointment, the nurse piped up " We've a cancellation just appeared on the system!!! so we took it. Went in and had an 8 hr op. During all this I had nil, yes nil fear. i had no pain atall, just numbness because they cut the side of my face severley. I'm doing very well and healing is progressing. God was certainly working there. thanks

Subject: Please Let me Love Again


I humbly pray..since life has taken my true love from me that you give me strength and that you introduce someone into my life I can love and be loved. Thank you, praise God.

Subject: God answers prayers


Hello Pastor Simon and church. God answers prayers for the Jetmatic Water hand pump through Pastor Simon and his church. You and your church are a very big part of the ministry here in Philippines. Thank you so much.

Subject: Prayer requests


All prayer requests posted on the Prayer Posts board of The Virtual Church are read by the church minister who responds in prayer and sometimes with a reply.

Subject: Please pray for my Wife


I have a important question

Please pray for my wife.

She wants to divorce from me after she has spoken to a psychic.

Please pray for my wife that she still stay with me, and won't divorce .

Please pray for my wife to give her peace in her heart.

Please pray for my relation with my wife, to give us salvation.

Please pray for my wife that she will find Jesus

Please pray for me that i will do the right things.

Please forgive all my failures.

in Jesus name AMEN.

Maranata Jesus is coming