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Subject: New Job


Please pray for me a New Job opportunity. It's been 3 months since I been Laid off and job seeking. It's rough with Bills piling up and bill collectors calling. I pray constantly for a opportunity to open up in my favor daily. I have Faith, but somehow it seems like I'm losing it. I ask God to guide me and send me directions and nothing is happening, but I have the Faith to know God is working things out in silence and joy will come and I will sing glory Hallelujah for my prayers being answered. I just feel lost and lonely in this transitional process of being unemployed. Please pray for me.

Subject: forgiveness


Please ask God to forgive me for being jealous and envious of others. i am in poor health at the moment and feel so bitter. i am unable to work and going through a hard time, but I am trying to be grateful for what I have. Thanks

Subject: Sarah


Please pray for Sarah she is pregnant with twins and she is having severe health problems with the pregnancy. Continual prayer would be so appreciated, Sarah is a wonderful mom and is doing all she can to bring these babies to term.

Subject: Help!


Help and pray you too for me in my the fight against false doctrine who not confess Jesus blood in salvation,but using own victims,thanks and bless,keijo sweden

Subject: Supernatural Miracle Healing


Praise the lord. please touch and agree with me that in the mighty name of Jesus our savior heals Javon body complete and makes me whole. im in need of supernatural miracle. My wife is also dealing with infirmity in her body. i have made my request known to God and petitioned him to do it. where 2 or 3 touch and agree he will be in the midst. i know he is able. i take all limits off of God. I know all things work together for good. thank you. i love you. im praying for you that Our father will bless u and your family and your ministry. In Jesus name. Amen Im also believing God 4 finance

Subject: God's Favor


Hello Pastor Simon and Church, My daughter Joanna Grace will take a Civil Service Examination for her eligibility this coming March 17,2019. Please help us in prayers for God's wisdom and knowledge and God's favor for her that she will passed the Examination. Thank you.

Subject: prayers


Hello Pastor Simon and church, Our region is suffering from a very hot weather. And all plants are already dried up. Rice and corn plants died already because of no rain. Our Jetmatic water hand pump dont have water also. The people are suffering crisis of food. and water. Please help us in prayers that God will provide. And that God will send us rain.Thank you.

Subject: Family


Peace with my girl. Too many struggles but we still love each other with pure light love. Please help us find peace together. i want a family...

Subject: Job


Hello my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Please keep me in your prayers for a job opportunity to open up. I had a telephone interview yesterday. In God%u2019s will I will have a second interview pretty soon. Please pray to God to open up this opportunity if it is His will. It has been 6 months since I have been looking for a job. Thank you very much. Pastor Simon, I have been blessed by your sermon. God bless you!!

Subject: Understanding


In some ways its nice to see this section alive but it means others are having difficulties. I am having my own due to a loss of my job. The problem its because of two co workers and I won't say they are Christians but they go to church. Whatever they did Or said caused me to lose my job. Still do not understand why I am being punished. They are afraid to face me that they have place a no trespassing warrant against me where I use to work. Don't know what I did wrong, its not easy trying to move on because I don't feel like doing anything anymore. I read scripture but wake up to reality.

Subject: need help


I have a difficult period with my family not accepting my girlfriend, i wanna love them all and i don't wanna arguing with all of them.

Subject: Job opportunity


I got my masters in Adult Gerontology nurse practitioner degree. I have been looking for a job since July. I have been facing obstacles. I am looking for full time job that has medical insurance coverage. I know nothing is impossible with my Almighty God. I believe that He has greater plan for me. The people of God , please pray for me for the door to open up. Pastor Simon , I have been blessed by your weekly reading notes. I live in Frisco, Texas. God bless you all.