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Subject: Comfort


My spouse of 35 years is going to have to have quadruple bypass surgery and I don't want to lose him. Even though we've had our differences I'd be so lost without him I would not know what to do with myself or how to deal with life by myself.

Subject: Reflection


I remember when I first found this website, it was an actual virtual church and it was so realistic that it invited you to explore it. I feel since you went to this format it

is just not as inviting the other one just had an atmosphere that made it feel like you were in an actual place.

Subject: shelter


Please pray for good people to solve the problem of a warm shelter for cruelly abandoned cat. The pet follows the people, asking

help and home. It's already freezing cold outside. Pray for several home offers. Thank you

Subject: Unspoken


I have an unspoken request. It is relational, physical, emotional,financial and painful.

Subject: Prayer request service restored


I am sorry that this prayer request service has been out of order. I have only just discovered there was a problem. As you see, I have now restored it.

Subject: Pray I'm strong


I am so weak alone so pray for me in the fight against false doctrine who not confess Jesus blood in salvation but using own victims. Bless, Keijo in Sweden

Subject: Heart valve replacement


Hi I'm asking for prayer. I had aortic valve stenosis with valve replacement and triple bypass surgery. I am on the mend. Dr recommended three months cardio physical therapy three times a week. I been off work (physical job). Work seems impatient for my return. I'm very weak still. Not able to do housework... or lift. I have head cold currently so I have started PT yet. I appreciate your prayers.