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Subject: shelter


Please pray for good people to solve the problem of a warm shelter for cruelly abandoned cat. The pet follows the people, asking

help and home. It's already freezing cold outside. Pray for several home offers. Thank you

Subject: Unspoken


I have an unspoken request. It is relational, physical, emotional,financial and painful.

Subject: Prayer request service restored


I am sorry that this prayer request service has been out of order. I have only just discovered there was a problem. As you see, I have now restored it.

Subject: Pray I'm strong


I am so weak alone so pray for me in the fight against false doctrine who not confess Jesus blood in salvation but using own victims. Bless, Keijo in Sweden

Subject: Heart valve replacement


Hi I'm asking for prayer. I had aortic valve stenosis with valve replacement and triple bypass surgery. I am on the mend. Dr recommended three months cardio physical therapy three times a week. I been off work (physical job). Work seems impatient for my return. I'm very weak still. Not able to do housework... or lift. I have head cold currently so I have started PT yet. I appreciate your prayers.